Ecommerce Website Design

UK e-retail is predicted to be £50bn by 2018, creating an amazing opportunity for small businesses who are agile and able to adapt and harness new technology better than larger competitors.

Unlike traditional retail, with ecommerce your business can compete without having to be the biggest.  By clearly defining your niche and target audience, and sharing your expertise, you can build your online sales.

Unique Considerations

Every ecommerce business and website is unique, both in its opportunities and its challenges and complexities.

For instance, how your products are configured; their variations, pricing rules, delivery restrictions and more.

Unique Experience

For your unique business, we offer unique experience.  Many of our twenty years working with business websites and online sales comes from the distribution and manufacturing sectors.  We've built, supported and consulted on ecommerce websites turning over millions of pounds.  We understand the business and logistics processes behind the scenes, as well as the marketing and technical ones.

Whether you're creating your first ecommerce website, considering redesigning your ecommerce website, or looking to grow your online sales - we'll be able to help.

Good Foundations

Successful ecommerce website design means having good foundations.  We always focus on the product master data.

We work with you to create a master data spreadsheet, ensuring product descriptions, variations, prices and codes are all correct before importing into the new website.  It's much easier to make mass changes in a spreadsheet and import clean data than edit hundreds or thousands of products individually.

We also optimise images to show off products as well as ensure search engines have a variety of product images to include in image results.

Built For Sales

As we build your new ecommerce website we're focused on building a platform for sales.  We use standardised tools that are easy to update and support.  Your website will include a variety of features, including:

  • optimised design for shopping on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles
  • coupons/gift certificates
  • wish lists
  • Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce
  • product feeds for Google/Bing Shopping and dynamic remarketing

Throughout the ecommerce website design project we'll follow our standard web design process, whilst including the unique ecommerce elements.

We'll also offer our advice on strategy and how to grow your online sales, and help you along the way.

Are you ready to grow your ecommerce sales?  Let's talk.

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