Membership Websites

A membership website can be an amazing asset for your business.  An opportunity to build a community and residual income.

If you're a coach, consultant, practitioner, or expert, you can use a membership site as a path away from charging by the hour.  Creating freedom in your life and work, whilst reaching and helping more people.

Membership sites are perfect for online courses and members only content, for example:

  • recipes
  • tutorials
  • how to videos
  • behind the scenes access

However, membership sites also require unique considerations.  Members see the inside of your website, hence the user experience needs to be right when the site is launched to ensure you have:

  • happy members
  • less support headaches
  • better member retention
  • member testimonials
  • better revenue

This means that decisions and strategy for the technology, payment processing, email connectivity, design and layout all need to be right.

Advice Beyond Technology

We'll not only help you make the right technology decisions, and build you a robust and scalable membership site but we'll also help you with:

  • defining your niche
  • profiling your target/perfect customer
  • planning your course/content structure
  • producing your content
  • launching your membership website
  • on boarding and supporting your members
  • growing your membership site

We've built and currently maintain membership sites for clients across the world.  We have a lot of experience in planning, building and growing profitable membership websites.

Are you ready to turn your expertise into a thriving membership site?  Let's talk.

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