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Why is Search Engine Optimisation Important to Your Business?

According to, Google processes over 40,000 search queries a second.

Most of us use Google as our first source for finding information, be it facts, images, telephone numbers, business opening hours, products or services. If your business doesn’t rank prominently for the keywords that your prospective buyers will use, your competitors are going to get that traffic, sales and profits.

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Maths Not Magic

SEO can seem daunting, in no small thanks to the veil of magic and mystery that has surrounded the Search Engine Optimisation techniques of consultants and agencies for years. But in reality Search Engine Optimisation is much more about maths and logic than magic.

Our straightforward, strategic approach helps us rank thousands of keywords for clients across the world every month, and is focused on these five areas.


Everything hinges on having the right keywords - those that are being used by your perfect customers. We start the process by researching those keywords and creating a list that we’ll use for optimisation and tracking.

When looking at keywords, we pick a selection that might include some that are easier to rank for than others. We also consider the intent behind the phrases, for instance someone searching for “seo” could be looking for a book, video, training course, consultant etc. But someone searching for “seo telford” is showing the intent that they are likely looking for local business to help. We ensure that our keyword list is based on phrases that have the right intent to achieve real business results. Ultimately it’s profits that grow businesses, not rankings - we focus on those that will help you increase profits.

On-site SEO

On-site Search Engine Optimisation refers to the strategy and changes we make on your website. It’s effectively a case of getting all of our ducks in a row so that Google can easily see which pieces of content we are trying to rank for in respect of each one of the phrases on our keyword list.

We review what pages or blog posts you currently have, whether any already include these phrases, whether you have more than one piece of content about a phrase, and make a plan for what actions need to be taken. Some clients have lots of content and we have to tweak it so that we only have one primary page or post for each phrase on our list. Other clients, especially with brand new websites, don’t have any content and we work with you to create it all.


Every week we track the position of the keywords on our list using one of the best tools available. We also track the business results you’re receiving from each piece of content - for instance the number of enquiries from your website pages, downloads of your free guide, sales of products, etc. We report the keyword rankings to you on a monthly basis using a consistent format so we can easily see the improvement month by month.

We also track the same keywords for the competitors who are currently ranking higher than you, monitoring how their ranking positions change and highlighting where they might be focusing. We only work with one business per industry and focus all of our efforts in ensuring your Search Engine Optimisation is successful.

Content Strategy

Optimising your content is a great start to your SEO strategy. But it won’t always be enough to ensure you reach and remain at the top of the search engine rankings. We work with our clients each month to create great pieces of content so that Google, and your website visitors, can see you have a lot of expertise and understanding in your topic.

We work with you to create a content matrix, highlighting the various sub topics within your area of expertise, and then add content ideas around each. We aim to have one hundred content ideas and discuss whether they should be written content, audio, videos, downloadable PDFs, etc.

Google is aiming to give each searcher the best answer for their query - we ensure that your content has that best answer.

Off-site SEO

Every website has a level of authority in Google’s eyes. It’s a measure of the quality and trust that others put in the content on a website by linking to it. Google doesn’t tell us what this measure is, but we know that it heavily influences search engine rankings. Our tracking tools mimic this measure with a score out of 100.

Websites like the BBC and CNN have extremely high scores, whereas new websites start with no score at all. Long term SEO success requires us to have both the best content and the highest score we can achieve.

This is an area where Google’s algorithmic changes are often focused, as business owners and consultants have sought to use shortcuts and loopholes to success. We only use the best strategies to ensure that your score increases and that your website isn’t in danger of falling foul of algorithm changes.

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