Web Design

Is your current website delivering real results for your business?

Today's business websites need to be different.  Your website isn't your online brochure, or showroom.  It shouldn't just be a static billboard for your business; but a changing, developing platform that engages visitors, demonstrates your expertise, builds trust and delivers results.

An online sales machine, working hard 24/7 to generate a constant stream of new enquiries and sales.

Build a Platform

Gone are the days of having to have your website completely redesigned every few years to keep up with technology and changes in your brand and business.

A website from Fresh Eyes Consultancy can be the last website you need to buy. We build a platform that can be updated, developed, and enhanced for years; constantly improving to deliver the best possible results for your business.

The problem with a traditional redesign is you risk losing what's working, as well as what isn't.  Our fresh eyes approach means we look at your website as a whole; not just how it looks, but how it performs and what needs to be improved.

Likewise if you're looking for your first website, for a new business, project or venture, we'll build a platform that will grow and develop with you.

Our Process

Step 0: Website Critique

If you have an existing website we'll complete a free website critique; highlighting the areas that are working well and areas that need improvement.

Our website critique also gives you an opportunity to hear more of how we consider websites and online marketing, for us to demonstrate our expertise, and for us both to see if we're a good fit together.

Step 1: Investigation

We see a website as the start of a relationship.  A partnership that we want to build for the long term.  As with any partnership we want to learn as much as we can about your business.

We'll get to know you, your products and services, your market, perfect customer, their pain, your sales process, etc. anything that will help us build a platform that delivers long term results.

We'll also investigate the keywords that are used by your perfect customers, understand your competition and background technical elements such as your domain and email configuration.

Step 2: Design

We'll design mockups of your website for you to preview.  The mockups will show how the various sections of your website will look on different devices, desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.  Your business is unique and we'll ensure that your website reflects that.

We'll tweak these designs with you until we're both really happy with the results.  This helps the development stage go smoothly.

At this stage we'll also discuss the content requirements so you can prepare text and images required and we'll give lots of feedback and advice.

Step 3: Technical Setup

Quality website hosting is the foundation for your website.  We only build websites that are hosted on our platform so we can ensure superior performance.

We'll complete the technical setup for your new website so it's built from day one on the server that it will be hosted on.  We'll give you a link so you can see the website being built throughout the process.

Step 4: Build

We'll build your new website using the best WordPress tools available.  With twenty years experience working on business websites we know that your website needs to be technically clean and streamlined.  We use standardised tools so it will be easy to adapt your website to future developments.

Your web design project will be built entirely in-house by the same people who will support it and help you get results from it.

Step 5: Content & Optimisation

Now we'll add your content, optimising your text and images so everything looks great, and so that the search engines can clearly tell the phrases and topics of each page.

We'll add meta titles and descriptions to all pages and blog posts to ensure the entire website is optimised.

Step 6: Training

It’s no good having a new website but not know how to keep it fully optimised and use it to grow your business. We'll provide full training, including screencast videos on how to add new content to the website and how to use all of its features.

Step 7: Testing

Your website is now virtually ready.  Now we test it together.

Are the product and service pages correct?  Do the forms go to the right thank you pages, are you receiving email notifications?  Are payments processed correctly, etc?

We'll test every element thoroughly before agreeing it's time to go live.

Step 8: Go Live

Time to launch your new platform!

We'll take care of everything, making sure the links from your old website are redirected, and changing your DNS so your website is live.  We'll monitor your website closely to ensure everything is working well.

Your web design project is now complete, but your journey into greater online marketing results is just beginning. We'll talk with you about continually improving the results and how we can help.

Do you want a website that will deliver ongoing, real results for your business?  Complete the form below, and let's get started!

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